Open season (2006)

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Bull:(grunts at Robin Hood and charges at him robin ducks his head and the bull flies into a tree hole he gets his head stuck and King Arthur tries to pull him to freedom Lancelot joins in and both of them pull the bull free) (voiced by Jayden Yuki's voice actor) that's gotta hurt

Rhino:(stares at Robin Hood for 60 minutes he runs towards him rapidly robin gets hit by the rhino in the face and gets smashed into an oak tree) robin:(wakes up and finds himself in outer space) what's going on? (Looks behind him and sees that he's on the planet Jupiter with Abraham Lincoln)who are you? Lincoln:I am Abraham Lincoln robin: why are we here? Lincoln: that's easy lad our minds have been transported back in time and to Jupiter robin:that's what happened after a rhino bashed into an oak tree (ponders) why else are we here? Abraham:I am the ruler of this planet before I was killed by a car that ran me over and made my mother faint robin:(does an exo flex walk) ha she'll be sorry because earth probably won an Emmy down there right? Abraham:you had better get back to your friends