Sonic x the video game


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Bear:(voiced by Patrick warburton) ook ook ook ook Lancelot:gad zuks this creature is the same size as a mountain (poshingly) but as we should fight him we should just (hysterically) get outta here bear:(roars and whizzes after them ) Arthur:he's gaining on us we must stop him quick run into that mountain sized bush (they charge into the bush and hide) bear:where's my dinner gone?!?!?!?(stares at the bush and gets poisoned he screams in the voice of a 1 year old girl and runs away) merlin:he's gone Arthur:(in chavapa's voice) I'll feel happier when we're gone

Yeti:(hears the tail of Arthur's horse's tail swish about and gets attracted by the sound he growls and is heard by a startled Lancelot) Lancelot:gad zuks the yeti of the frozen north is about to strike look Arthur:it's my horse's tail it just gave us away (the yeti screams like a banshee) Lancelot:if there's anything knights hate it's a noisy snow monster (the yeti charges at the knights and chases them past Sofia the first spinning her around with her hands on hips in the process the Knights stop near an iceberg and Lancelot pushes it ) yeti:(drowns)